Thursday, April 28, 2011

"The truth is..I'm no easy..I'm just one vulnerable, sensitive and yes, one stubborn person..and still they don't know the's hard to tell..they can never imagine..but I know what I's not supposed to happen..I won't allow it to happen...again..never..(can it be..with this weakness??)...I gave them so much chance..I was like an umbrella..burnt myself...not that burnt to  ashes...but a and burnt..then when you're not stay, ready at your service, any time..then you'll  get warm n cool...n then there comes the comes the and cold..but felt like being that stormy rains..sometimes you fought hard..ended up broken, are not  were were left, way to be fixed again..totally wrenched ...wrench the soul...why..why..what with this cycle...not a chance now....I learnt mine..(you keep telling this uncountable times now..but still...) that's I understand..why to some ..they just hate...and at some point..they never understand..

This is to ease my mind..don't ask..I'll keep it to myself..I don't even trust myself anymore..The realization hurts..

Make urself that others will be a convenience to you...but yes...with all that, still always  some took things for they never learnt their lesson!!This is the expression of years of experience...They said..I must change...must I change my make things easy..due to some unfortunate events..(according to them)..but what if it's not really who and what I am???The worst  crime to do is not to being'll be trapped..guilt..Nobody wants to be somebody else!!To like them for who they love them unconditionally..simple!And one always learn valuable lessons from everything that the very moment the so called 'unfortunate event' happened..u'll ask, why?why?But then..of all the hidden secrets you they were never 'unfortunate event'...they were indeed..valuable..."

Okay tak kalau ni jadi prelude novel???or columnist pengalaman hidup dari kaca mata pengamatan sekeliling macam Adibah Amin tu??Love her!Love her writing!I've written my thoughts a lot..and maybe deleted somes..if some of u might noticed..(those were so hurtful I can't even look at the headings!!..Those things that you can forgive..but u can never forget!!) so  I shall begin again....and I hope it won't be a cliche..

Entah tetiba mood menulis ni datang...baru lepas tengok cite hindi Aaina...(Jackie Shroff sangat charming!!) - Orang len sibuk dok tengok cite korea, jepun la, omputih  la....Hindi..???Nak balik ghaye...tiket belum beli lagi..setiap minggu dok tengok ...kenapa tiket mahal sangat ni..:-(..

Okay dah melalut..