Monday, December 19, 2011

Give yourself justice.. This is what I think

They say..when you get married.. You have your own life... It's true.. But I think when your parents are alright, in their best condition..then your focus  And at The end of The day.. You, only you know what's going your family..Just now my mom mentioned for The milliOn times.. Pray for your soulmate...

This is what I think and what I believe.. Allah swt knows that I'm not prepared for that yet.. knows what has been in my mind every single day... What bothering me so much.. So I haven't met anyone best..because that might kept me away from all things that I have been hold on to all my life ..especially now.. So I say.. At this moment.. I realized that I have come to The stage and to such extent I don't care about that anymore.. This is true.. Don't be prejudiced.. I know what I'm experiencing best.. Because at The end of The day.. ALLAH knows best.. Don't ask me about that anymore..There's no room for that.. at This moment..