Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh my..such a viral..

Being too judgemental is a risk...we ourselves didn't know our end..try, try to always think's no harm ...give rooms for the FAULTIES to mend their mistakes..great lessons learnt for them ..and for us!.I believe it's the immaturity, exuberance, spontaneous eccentric effects led them to that very SIN they've committed..They're so many similar conducts happening, clearly exposing that didn't subjected to that equal treatment..they're obvious!Obvious in real life in front of our very eye everyday...They're obvious in most of our local media stream! Our LOCAL media channel! We can't deny these facts!!! And this is also HIKMAH, for me, for you and everyone out there if we can learn from this. To strengthen our deen, to care and select of what we chose to watch. We might fall onto those situation if we're not care, due to our negligence, we're so loose to debate towards what we've been served everyday. We didn't realize that we permit them but we can choose. We must care. Those conducts are not about culture, they're about the religious taught, religious guidelines, Islam as a way of life. Those limits are with reasons. If others didn't understand, we must make them understand, and yet we can still unite with each other, peacefully, without prejudice.
When words were utterly bring pain, hurting.. most importantly who are u to blaim the way they're being raised? Do you know the parents? The family upbringing? Background? Do you know maybe how hard the parents try to nurture best seeds for their daughters? They are so many reasons!! Please stop being too judgemental. Who are we to predict what will become of them. We have so far try our best to be the best analyst...all for negative output. How sad. Maybe it's just the matter of time. .do not underestimate the power of du'a..we must pray..pray for them, pray for youngsters and pray for ourselves..all walks of life..regardless age. Pray that all of us will always aware of our own good example; the lessons learnt will significantly gives positive effects beyond words..!
In the name of justice, I don't agree with the PUNISHMENT. I'm sure they're repenting. They're so many other diplomatic way to handle this. Yes this are lessons learnt for others. I too agree this is such a wake up call for us on how we should look at this similar matter with second, third, forth, endless thought on how openness in wrong terms lead to mislead. But still, it is unfair. I don't concur.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Kalaulah ada bakat menulis untuk beri sumbangan signifikan pada apa2 hal yang kita suka...dah lama sangat tak menulis di sini...harus buat blog lain daripada perihal diri sendiri...sebab kadang2 perihal diri sendiri yang diceritakan bukan membawa suka..tapi lara...seronok membaca nukilan orang lain yang bawa impak....sudah tiba masa berbuat begitu untuk melarikan diri daripada mengingatkan perkara2 yang bukan2 dan tak memberi kebaikan..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

I'm having Thyroxine, Calcium Carbonate, Selenium + Zinc, B6, Evening Primrose Oil, Chondroitin + Glucosamine sulphate for daily breakfast, lunch & dinner..sometimes been prescribed for Naproxen ..and taking Nurofen .and still ...I can't totally cope ..I'm thinking to add Magnesium in the list..the cramps becoming more severe.....:(..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You, cheeky devil!

Tadi pagi2 morning kita jumpa bos kita yang dah 4 minggu tak datang sebab  cuti sakit...yeay abah dah balik yeay!!Jadi dimulakan dengan bismilllah... kita pun tanya kabar dia ... bagitau betapa kita, kitorang semua teringat ngan rindu kat al-drama spektra..(betul ni..dia la merangkap abah kita kat ni..iskh..iskh...bagai hilang arah kita 4 minggu tak nampak dia, tak bole jumpa dia bila ada problemo..huhu..)then lepas tu ..pagi tadi jugak kita mintak dia sign 3 barang guna duit dari akaun dia sebab akaun geran dah tutup..nak harap duit dari akaun kita tinggal paras idung..sepanjang dia takde..beli barang semua cilok akaun geran lain..diorang kata takpe pandai2 la diorang kautim la sesama diorang..(alhamdulillah...diorang kata jangan buat diri menderita sebab tergendala koje sebab tak dapat beli barang makmal..insofff..benda ni kita kena buat kat tanahair tercinta..keutamaan penyelidikan, jangan jadi 'jual ikan'...sebab yang lain tu boleh dikautim kemudian kan..)..jadi bila duit akaun kita yang sekolah sediakan dah paras idung..n semua barang yang besar2 guna duit dari akaun dia ..jadi sementara dia ada ni hari ni...kita check2 apa barang2 nak beli...pastu ptg tadi  kita pegi la jumpa dia lagi...sebab kita kompim kena beli barang lagi ni..

Kita : Bos, boleh jumpa?
Bos : ha..Masuk2!!...
Kita : Saya ada situasi ni...
Bos : Sila2 cerita...

** Kita pun cerita la situasi eksperimen, buat table barang dah pakai..bla2..bla..tunjuk la sket cik temah oi ala2 kesaintifikan dan kekiraan dan kesangat perluan tu kan...cerita gas skrg dah tinggal banyak mana.mana tau error ke..kang jadi macam bekalan lepas tgh2 buat abis sebab tak perasan level gas yang tinggal..nak tunggu orang anta makan masa 4 minggu..pastu nak try macam2..mana tau leaking..bla..bla...nanti kang tengah2 buat eksperimen gas abis kang..nak kena tunggu 4 minggu lagi..sapa yang salah?sapa yang malu?mereka dan keluarga mereka..

Bos : Owh..betul2...kena beli standby...ha...duit dalam akaun hang ada tinggal brapa lagi?
Kita : (dengan muka penuh innosen dan dua posen..kita pun kata..)..Ada tinggal kurang 50 pound je bos..dah ujung2 ni kan..
Kita: Owh bagus2 sebab guna..Ha...sediakan borang nak beli gas tu..bak mai sini ..
Gua : Dah sediakan pun ni ha...bos tinggal sign je..
Bos : You cheeky devil!!! ..(amik aku sejibik!!tapi dalam hati kita kata..'la..baru tau ke betapa cheeky devilnya kita..har har har)..aeniwei..dengan senyuman cheeky dia pun sign..;op


Monday, February 20, 2012

Her who I love best..

She who I love best once said : 'Memberi tapi tak pernah menerima..selalu jadi persinggahan...orang amik kesempatan....dah la sakit..semua sakit..sakit lagi'..Pity for your daughter eh mom?..:(..don't ..don't ever...Allah tu kan maha Adil..Happy skrg ni..sehappy happynya!Tak perlu kusut pasal orang lain..diri sendiri pun tak terlerai kekusutan..:)Can I not to think about that apa orang kata...Percayalah..okay ni..okay macam ni..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love him...Love his voice, love him him reads..

Dickens shows that "true gentleman is someone who carries himself calmly, elegantly and speaks with a voice such as Eugenes".. and I love Paul McGann..Can't get enough of him...I listen to his audiobook to sleep..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Give yourself justice.. This is what I think

They say..when you get married.. You have your own life... It's true.. But I think when your parents are alright, in their best condition..then your focus  And at The end of The day.. You, only you know what's going your family..Just now my mom mentioned for The milliOn times.. Pray for your soulmate...

This is what I think and what I believe.. Allah swt knows that I'm not prepared for that yet.. knows what has been in my mind every single day... What bothering me so much.. So I haven't met anyone best..because that might kept me away from all things that I have been hold on to all my life ..especially now.. So I say.. At this moment.. I realized that I have come to The stage and to such extent I don't care about that anymore.. This is true.. Don't be prejudiced.. I know what I'm experiencing best.. Because at The end of The day.. ALLAH knows best.. Don't ask me about that anymore..There's no room for that.. at This moment..


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tiba2 rasa...



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cerita hidup yang lepas..cerita hidup akan datang...

Lama tak menulis..

Masih belum sampai cita2 nak tulis macam Adibah Amin..!!