Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hard hearted..and selfish..Really??Is that really who I am??

Maybe I didn't realize ..that maybe that's really who I am..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

You're the first to know..

What do you feel if somebody started telling something, with this, to break the special, great, wonderful news..If it among your girlfriends, then fine..but what if with someone you close to, I'm talking about the opposite gender here...and yet he said this to you, what does this means?To me, it means nothing..because it happens so many times already..i don't believe I shall feel's funny this morning while I was cleaning the dishes...out of a mind went back to those..I remember everything..precisely...tracked back the memory what had happened because I let them happened..but I don't believe it anymore..Feel neutral, will you please??So guys, don't ever try it with me..all those words!!Don't tear, hurt any further..this wounded swollen soul!