Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh my..such a viral..

Being too judgemental is a risk...we ourselves didn't know our end..try, try to always think's no harm ...give rooms for the FAULTIES to mend their mistakes..great lessons learnt for them ..and for us!.I believe it's the immaturity, exuberance, spontaneous eccentric effects led them to that very SIN they've committed..They're so many similar conducts happening, clearly exposing that didn't subjected to that equal treatment..they're obvious!Obvious in real life in front of our very eye everyday...They're obvious in most of our local media stream! Our LOCAL media channel! We can't deny these facts!!! And this is also HIKMAH, for me, for you and everyone out there if we can learn from this. To strengthen our deen, to care and select of what we chose to watch. We might fall onto those situation if we're not care, due to our negligence, we're so loose to debate towards what we've been served everyday. We didn't realize that we permit them but we can choose. We must care. Those conducts are not about culture, they're about the religious taught, religious guidelines, Islam as a way of life. Those limits are with reasons. If others didn't understand, we must make them understand, and yet we can still unite with each other, peacefully, without prejudice.
When words were utterly bring pain, hurting.. most importantly who are u to blaim the way they're being raised? Do you know the parents? The family upbringing? Background? Do you know maybe how hard the parents try to nurture best seeds for their daughters? They are so many reasons!! Please stop being too judgemental. Who are we to predict what will become of them. We have so far try our best to be the best analyst...all for negative output. How sad. Maybe it's just the matter of time. .do not underestimate the power of du'a..we must pray..pray for them, pray for youngsters and pray for ourselves..all walks of life..regardless age. Pray that all of us will always aware of our own good example; the lessons learnt will significantly gives positive effects beyond words..!
In the name of justice, I don't agree with the PUNISHMENT. I'm sure they're repenting. They're so many other diplomatic way to handle this. Yes this are lessons learnt for others. I too agree this is such a wake up call for us on how we should look at this similar matter with second, third, forth, endless thought on how openness in wrong terms lead to mislead. But still, it is unfair. I don't concur.

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